Mead Con Policies detail the company's commitment and purpose within a specified area. They are the standards by which the company and its employees operate.

Quality Policy

Mead Con is committed to producing work of the highest quality standard. We believe that quality is important to our clients and our employees.

All employees, subcontractors and suppliers are information of our quality manual, forms and procedures. We continue to monitor and improve our quality systems to ensure that our employees, subcontractors and suppliers are committed to excellence. Regular review will ensure our compliance to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 is maintained.

All employees are encouraged to develop practices that will engender teamwork and enable each person to attain pride in the finished product.

We will ensure everybody involved in our business understands and maintains our policy of quality in all areas and at all times.

Health & Safety Policy

Mead Con is committed to preventing injuries through the implementation of safe work practices. We believe injuries can be reduced through greater awareness, instruction and supervision. The provision of a safe environment for our employees, clients and their families is a key undertaking of our company.

To accomplish optimum safety standards we:

  • Commit to compliance with relevant OH&S legislative requirements;
  • Nominate and train and a Health and Safety Officer and the elected Committee to implement, monitor and main our policy;
  • Thoroughly train all employees in safe work practices including company policy and procedures;
  • Regularly assess the effectiveness of our injury prevention program against our designated measurable objectives;
  • Create an awareness in each person of their responsibility to themselves, their workmates and the company and to continually contribute toward the prevention of incident and injury;
  • Provide relevant personal protective equipment as required;
  • Ensure all employees adopt responsible work practices and be vigilant in assessing, reporting and acting upon potential risks.

Environmental Policy

Mead Con is committed in principle and practice to the protection of the environment.

We maintain environmental responsibility in our activities by:

  • Preventing pollution to soil, air and water;
  • Preventing damage to flora and fauna;
  • Conserving materials and energy;
  • Recycling of materials;
  • Minimisation and correct disposal of waste.

We achieve this by:

  • Developing environmentally sound construction practices and education programs;
  • Ensuring that the requirement for environmental responsibility is integrated into the decision making and considered in the assessment of performance;
  • Being alert to technical advances that may improve environmental performance;
  • Complying with legal requirements and adopting higher standards where considered necessary.
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