Sumitomo Australia Silicon Plant, Wynyard

Sumitomo Corp.
Project Manager
Andrew Richardson
Site Supervisor
Michael Johnson & Mathew Davey
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Mead Con were approached in November 2005 to provide a budget figure for a concrete package, from hand drawn 15 Months and many modifications later, full construction commenced on site with the first task undertaken being a 6 metre deep reclaim pit constructed from 300 & 400mm thick precast panel walls and insitu floor poured around the panels.

Water, panel weights and available cranes for erection were all problems that were encountered and successfully managed during the construction of the reclaim pit. The reclaim pit was only a minor part of our contract but contained a major slice of our risk and it was pleasing to see everything progress smoothly allowing our team to concentrate on other areas which included:

Finishing products slab:
1200m2 concrete slab constructed alongside the process building and used for the storage of finished product prior to shipment around the world.
Raw materials slab and Unloading ramp:
1165m2 concrete slab with 2.5m high precast walls on all sides to be used for the storage and subsequent loading into the reclaim pit and conveyance to the processing building.
External paving areas and drains:
1100m2 of external paving, allowing for easy movement by loaders outside the process area.
Sludge Pit:
Waste water from the mill process was pumped into an in-ground sludge pit, again constructed using precast panels and insitu floor poured around all panels.
Process building slab and associated footings:
525m2 concrete slab with over 200m3 of concrete in separate footings below the slab to support ball mill and associated milling equipment. Due to the large noise emitted during the milling process the building was required to achieve a sound rating to comply with Council planning approval. This required a 100mm thick precast panel acoustic wall to the external façade and also around the ball mill within the plant. These panels were manufactured in Launceston and transported to site for erection.
230m2 Office building:
A single level office building built on a concrete slab on ground, timber frame clad with colour bond custom orb to walls and roof with standard finishes internally.

Our works were completed in mid November 2007 at a final cost of just over $1.2 million and the placement of 2000m3+ of concrete and erection of over 100 precast panels.

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