Gunns Renovation Relief, Launceston

RENOVATION RELIEF Broadcast by Southern Cross Tuesday 18 December 2007.
Renovation Relief is a DIY Program hosted by Tasmania's world famous axeman, David Foster. In December of last year David in conjunction with major sponsors Gunns and Mead Con, renovated a home for a family who had fallen on unfortunate times. Mead Con, together with many other well known and established local businesses, had the opportunity to take part in the Gunns Renovation Relief project and all involved have taken this wonderful experience straight to their hearts.
The family nominated for this particular renovation were Nic, Dana, Ben and Zack Sallese. Zack was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy from a very early age, and consequently has required many arduous trips to the doctor and various specialists This has left Nic and Dana with very little time to do those normal day to day duties around the home that we all take for granted.
After viewing the home it was evident that the living room, kitchen, pantry, laundry and backyard would be the areas most needing attention. By re-structuring these high traffic areas of the home it would help create a far more user friendly and less stressful environment for the whole family. While the renovation was in progress the Salleses' were treated to 4 days at Rosevears Estate in the beautiful Tamar region. It was the perfect opportunity for the family to take a well deserved break, relax and spend some quality time together.
With the help of approximately 50 generous local NW businesses, plus a lot of thought and huge amounts of kindness and goodwill, Nic and Dana's home renovations began to take shape. It is amazing what can be achieved when everyone works together for a common cause. Generally a home with small confined spaces, it was now transformed into a delightful, modern, spacious family home with a rear decking area and low maintenance landscaped yard. A new outdoor setting and BBQ completed the makeover.
Nic, Dana, Ben and Zack arrived home to a generous and hardworking group of people in their driveway and a wonderful makeover on their home. To witness their happiness and help this family realise a dream was a truly precious moment in time and will never to be forgotten.

Mead Con Managing Director, Tim Mead describes the experience over the 4 days as very humbling and that it would definitely be the most satisfying and rewarding project that he has done in his working life thus far.

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