Horsehead Creek Sewerage Retention Basin

Devonport Road, Devonport
Devonport City Council
Project Manager
Andrew Richardson
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In conjunction with Tasmanian Consulting Service, a design and construct project for the construction of four sewerage retention basins provided many challenges:

The concrete slab of the basins was excavated to 2.5m below the natural surface level leaving between 2-3 metres of wall exposed above ground which was clad with colorbond. Additional excavation was required with a suitable base rock proving elusive so gravel was used to backfill to the required level. Each basin was 20m long, 8.5m wide and over 5m deep with all walls cast in-situ. As the basins were to be filled with liquid the long lengths of reo had an accuracy margin of only millimeters in the tying for concrete casting. The only way to access these basins was to climb in and out via scaffold.
The contract also involved the construction of several additional buildings and structures including a Control Room, Generator Building and Odour Treatment Plant along with extensive Roadworks and Landscaping.

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