Cement Australia, Railton

(Old Mine Crusher and Water Tower - Asbestos Removal)

Project Manager
Tim Mead
High Risk
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This project was performed under the strict guidelines for Asbestos Removal and was categorized as very difficult and dangerous. The decayed log and sawn timber structure was approached with extreme caution. Records would indicate its construction to be somewhere in the vicinity of early 1900's. Not only was the building of considerable age but also bearing extra weight due to the burden of approximately 900mm of lime dust build up.
To gain access to all work areas our skilled asbestos removal team were engaged to begin the task of removing old pipes, ductwork and conveyors. While working at elevated height they then began demolition and removal of the asbestos sheeting, including the removal of excess lime dust from the roof surfaces. Due to the possibility of additional contamination we demolished and removed all timber framework, buildup and debris.
Throughout the duration of this project Cement Australia required comprehensive air monitoring. We achieved full clearance on all analysis outcomes. Mead Con's asbestos handling and removal processes were also extensively audited by a third party firm from Victoria. Consequently the company achieved a first rate end result.
Overall this project was an enormous challenge and once again our hardworking and conscientious team have worked together to accomplish another successful asbestos removal assignment.

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