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The four diverse sectors of Mead Con integrate to operate as a complete company, yet are definable in their own roles and responsibilities.

Commercial Development & Construction

A major sector of the company focusing efforts toward business and government projects. Mead Con are capable of administering a total project from the original design and development stage through to construction, handover and maintenance.
The commercial division provides a vast variety in the type of constructions undertaken by Mead Con. This translates to a much broader learning environment for our employees as they perform tasks that would not normally be experienced if working in strictly residential housing areas of the industry.

Residential Dwellings & Renovations

Mead Con offer services in the residential housing sector. Customer satisfaction, as we build or renovate a client’s place of residence, is of paramount importance to Mead Con.
Liaising, planning, designing, construction and final completion of the dwelling to both Mead Con’s required quality standards and the customers’ expectations is assured through a thorough communication process. This sector of the company allows tradespersons and apprentices to utilise and learn traditional skills associated with housing construction and renovations.

Industrial Scaffolding & Maintenance

Provision of labour and materials for the industrial sector is another facet of Mead Con’s operations.
A Maintenance contract at Cement Australia, Railton, forms a major component of this sector and is an ongoing commitment that Mead Con highly values.
Tasks associated with this sector include scaffolding, carpentry maintenance, asbestos removal and labour hire.

Civil Contracting & Plant Hire

Mead Con owns and operates a variety of plant and machinery that services internal projects, other contractors and the general public.
The availability and use of this equipment by the other sectors of the company is a valuable asset and is highly utilised.
External hire of the plant and machinery, when complemented with internal utilisation, maintains a continual supply of work.

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