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Tim Mead - Managing Director

Tim Mead

Tim has operated within the building industry for over two decades, and has acquired his broad industry experience through his involvement in Major Construction Projects; Commercial Buildings; Residential Dwellings; Industrial and Civil sectors. His experiences have endowed him with the confidence to rise to any challenge, taking great pride in completing all projects and tasks with a high quality of workmanship. Tim takes an active interest in development investment and energetically seeks out and analyses opportunities for clients and the organization.

Committed to the growth of the Building & Construction Industry in Tasmania, Tim contributes positively in his position of Chairman of the North West Regional Division of the Master Builders Association, as a member on the MBA Education and Training Committee and as a State Council Representative. He believes that taking a practicing role enables him to facilitate his vision of a robust, sustainable Building and Construction Industry.
Tim regularly hones his personal development through Management Training via National Business Schools in the areas of Strategic Planning and Business Management. In addition he keeps abreast of best practice in areas such as industry methods, products, Risk Assessment and Control. He actively shares his knowledge through company processes and development of his employees. He provides a strong role model, running projects in a calm, professional manner, assessing each situation as it occurs and utilizing his considerable communication skills to bring about superior customer satisfaction.

Through his own experiences, Tim recognizes that it is the skills and knowledge of his employees that allows his business to continue to improve and remain competitive. Consequently, he provides comprehensive development for all his employees, and particularly apprentices, by implementing structured and ongoing training programs. Tim is continually conscious of the importance of maintaining Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality compliance and recognizes that consistency throughout all these areas ensures a happy and healthy workforce. To complement this culture, Tim strongly advocates a stable work-life balance and encourages candid, forthright communication enabling employees to meet both their personal and professional goals.

Tim's desire to improve the industry for all, along with his skills and personality, ensures high productivity, growth for the future and the provision of a safe, healthy and rewarding working environment for his employees and sub-contractors.

Vonette Mead - Director and SHEQ Systems Manager

Vonette Mead

Vonette manages, develops, implements and monitors the Mead Con Safety, Health, Environment and Quality [SHEQ] Systems. In addition she manages monitors the financial and administration sectors within the Company. She works alongside Tim to facilitate future expansion and a professional company image. She utilises her considerable administration experience to enhance Mead Con'’'s systems and procedures ensuring that monitoring strategies are implemented to assist in continuous improvement within all areas of the business.

Vonette employs proactive monitoring methods to identify gaps in Mead Con Management Systems and works with Managers and Administration personnel to rectify anomalies ensuring continued compliance to SHEQ legislative and regulatory requirements as well as providing a structured working environment for all Mead Con employees.
Together with Tim, Vonette continues to develop her Management training. In addition, she is committed to training in other key Management areas such as Diploma of Business Management and OH&S.

Vonette believes communication to be of the utmost importance, ensuring clients feel that they can discuss every situation. She values working as a team to provide high quality work and a satisfying environment for clients, employees and their families.

Andrew Richardson - Senior Estimator/Project Manager

Andrew Richardson

Andrew manages the Mead Con Project Management team comprising 3 Estimator/Project Managers in addition to himself. He estimates for residential and commercial projects as well as providing Project Management for successful contracts.

Andrew is well-known within the building industry having worked for Gordon Ibbotts Pty. Ltd. for many years as an Estimator/Project Manager and has owned and operated his own business.

He displays honesty and integrity in his dealings with architects, clients, sub-contractors, suppliers and all Mead Con employees. He mentors and coaches his team [which extends to Site Supervisors], enhancing their abilities and creating a highly effective, customer and team-focussed group.

Andrew is accredited with the Tasmanian Compliance Corporation in the following categories: Builder (Open), Building Designer (Architectural Limited, Classes 1 & 10 and class 2-9 up to 2 storey with a maximum floor area of 2000m2), Construction Manager (Open).

Through his vast experience Andrew has enabled Mead Con to maintain a high degree of professionalism and develop quality processes. He is considered an integral member of the Management Team, using his experience with larger projects and his knowledge of suppliers, contractors, architects, materials and business procedures to advance the business. Andrew is further developing his knowledge in Green Building, enjoying the challenge of implementing innovative building techniques and materials with the aim of reducing the construction industry’s carbon footprint.
Several projects managed by Andrew have been awarded Master Builders Tasmania Excellence Awards with both the MAIB Group House and Lamplugh-Stephens Residence winning this year’s awards.

Some of the projects managed by Andrew are: St. Brigids Primary School, Devonport Primary School, Lamplugh– Stephens residence, MAIB Group House, Devonport Christian School, Smith residence, Sewerage Retention Basins, CA Kiln Filter foundation, Sumitomo New Silica Plant, Gowans Toyota workshop, Wyllie Tiles building Devonport, Latrobe Pharmacy and Medical construction, Veolia Recycling Shed, Latrobe RSL redevelopment, Tas. Consulting Service Office, DHHS: Wynyard/Ulverstone Housing development, DHHS: Somerset Housing development.

Debra Spillane - Human Resource Manager

Debra Spillane

Debra joined the Management Team in December 2005 to assist in the development, management and monitoring of the Mead Con Human Resource function. She works directly with the Management Team as well as all employees to facilitate the effective implementation of processes such as: Performance Management; Training Management and Personal Development; Recruitment and Succession Planning; Industrial Relations; Rehabilitation and Return to Work including Workers Compensation; Strategic Planning; Risk Management Framework; and Quality Management Systems.

Debra has operated in the Human Resource sector for over 25 years. She provides generalist advice in all aspects of Human Resource Management . Mead Con's Management Team are benefiting from Debra's experience in Human Resources as she mentors the team in maintaining relationships, interpersonal and time management skills. Leading by example she consistently instils in others the importance of presenting a professional corporate profile that enhances our company image; the desire to learn more; and to achieve desirable outcomes through the implementation of measurable goals and objectives both individually and for the organisation.

Debra facilitates the Mead Con Leadership Program, imparting her knowledge and experience to Managers, Supervisors and Leading Hands through Frontline Management and other workshops such as Performance Management. As an ex-TAFE teacher she is able to provide training across various fields of study such as Human Resource, Business and Frontline Management as well as Training and Assessment and Administration practices.

She is committed to the development of others and in particular apprentices. Acting as the Apprentice Coordinator, Deb works closely with Mead Con's apprentices, the Tasmanian Skills Institute and other RTO'’'s, New Apprenticeship Centres and key Management staff to ensure that all Apprentices meet their developmental goals, both personally and professionally.

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