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Excellence in Housing and Construction Awards – Master Builders Tasmania Excellence Awards 2011


Ridgley Primary School – Winner

This project involved the complete internal redevelopment of a rural school with major emphasis on a new hall, canteen and music room.  The construction of the new hall involved timber portals with a soaring rolled section at the roof and wall junctions that required fabrication on site.  Inclement weather including snow and high winds required considerable expertise and innovation on site to control temperatures during gluing and erection of portals.

Excerpt from Master Builders Tasmania – Excellence Awards 2011

Mead Con congratulates Matt Davey, Site Supervisor and his talented team.  This is not the first time Matt has supervised award winners in the Excellence in Housing and Construction Awards.  He consistently works with our clients, service providers and his project teams to produce superior workmanship of the highest quality.

Forth Primary School Performing Arts Centre – Highly Commended

The new building’s architecture ingeniously links the style of the existing school environment, echoing the use of red brick and bull-nosed weatherboards.  The contemporary design, roof pitch and use of exterior aluminium composite panel together with the sheet colour and specific placement of black express joints, combine to provide an aesthetically pleasing optical view – creating a perfect blend between old and new.

The architect cleverly considered the environment in which the new structure would be placed and the relationship formed with school representatives enabled a sensitive approach to the design and materials used.

Excerpt from Master Builders Tasmania – Excellence Awards 2011 [Submission]

Congratulations to Simon Thompson, Site Supervisor and his talented project teams.  Mead Con prides itself on building and maintaining enduring successful relationships between its clients, Project Manager, Supervisors and Architects, bringing about optimum outcomes for its clients.

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